Landlords are lucky to own rental property in Anchorage, Alaska, one of America’s most livable cities located in one of the world’s most spectacular settings.  Clean, healthy and vibrant, Anchorage prides itself on being an all-season gateway to adventure and natural beauty. This makes is desirable for seasonal and permanent tenants.

Anchorage Credit Reports Eviction Filings and Criminal Record Checks

Anchorage tenant screening services are available to landlords engaging in month-to-month agreements and annual term leases. Shorter term leases don’t typically require the use of credit reports. Instead, we stress the importance of criminal background checks. For those renting to permanent residents, credit reports and eviction searches are typically recommended in addition to performing criminal background checks. Anchorage legal information is not readily available online, but we do offer access to Anchorage criminal records and Alaska statewide searches as well as the rest of the United States.