Renting out real estate in Alameda County, California, has been ongoing since it was established in 1853. The County was created from the territory of two counties created in 1850: Contra Costa and Santa Clara. It was given the local name for the region, Alameda, which means “a grove of poplars.” The County’s geography ranges from urban marinas to rolling open spaces to hillside lakes and streams. Alameda is the seventh most populous county in California, and has 14 incorporated cities and several unincorporated communities. The total population is over 1.5 million people with Oakland as the seat of County government.

Alameda Credit Reports Eviction Records and Criminal History Checks

We extend to all landlords Alameda tenant screening services which include access to Alameda court data like criminal records and eviction filings as well as statewide and national public records. For those that are concerned about a tenant’s historical financial responsibilities, credit reports are available either as a user-friendly summary with FICO credit scoring or full unrestricted files complete with industry codes and tradeline payment history.