Known as one of the yachting capitals of the world, there’s plenty of money and growth in Broward County to fuel the acquisition of rental property by landlords from all over the globe. Broward County includes many upper middle class areas including Plantation, Sunrise and one of the most popular destinations in Florida, Fort Lauderdale. Surprisingly, many $300,000-$500,000 homes are for rent. With those kinds of investment property figures, you must perform your due diligence.

Broward Credit Reports, Criminal Records and Eviction Checks

Due to the extremely diverse resident pool that flocks to the area as well as the hefty price tag for common 3/2 bedroom homes, Broward tenant screening should be conducted with an emphasis on consumer credit reports. This isn’t to say that Broward court records shouldn’t be utilized, it’s just that establishing a tenant’s ability to pay the rent on time should be the first step. After eliminating any financial concerns, you can then determine if there are any criminal conviction obstacles. Fortunately, having one simple account with us grants access to credit reports and public records such as criminal offenses and credit reports.