Thousands of landlords can be found investing in the highest populated area in Georgia, Fulton County. Created from DeKalb County in 1853, it grew out and reached its current size during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. It is named for Robert Fulton, inventor of the steam-driven boat. and is home to both Atlanta (the county seat) and Marthasville (the state capital) which was named in honor of Governor Wilson Lumpkin’s daughter.

Fulton Credit Reports, Eviction Filings and Criminal Background Checks

Fulton tenant screening with such a large dense population is a given due to the vast applicant pool to choose from. It’s important not only to search Fulton court records for criminal and civil filings, but to reach beyond the county. We make available the necessary resources to screen tenants in a matter of minutes no matter what state or U.S. territory they came from. Whether it’s pulling public record abstracts of criminal convictions and eviction cases or even more confidential information such as consumer credit reports, all are available through a personal computer or mobile phone. As simple as a few keystrokes can get you the information any landlord should expect to review before approving a tenant.