AAC is classified as a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Amer USA network, but we don’t collect and store consumer credit  files. We offer secure online access to consumer credit files as well as many other official data feeds for credit, criminal, eviction, driving records and property records throughout the United States.

Our services are used by

  • Individual landlords
  • Real estate agents/Realtors
  • Property management companies
  • Small business owners

We take client and applicant security very seriously by using secure file management and storage services in an offsite facility comprised of thousands of square feet of a state-of-the-art warehouse that has been designed with the safety and security confidential information in mind. Activity is monitored by user name and password authorization. Building security and fire detection is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by third party monitoring agencies.

Please also review our Privacy Policy for further information.


Backed by over 15 years of direct to landlord business, our consumer data network has serviced over 250,000 landlords with rental properties ranging from single family homes to multi-family housing complexes starting Florida and then expanding nationwide to include local governments. It all started with a need to service individual landlords that could not qualify for access to consumer credit reports because the minimum requirements imposed by the three major bureaus prevented direct access to pull in real time. But t his wasn’t the only problem – reading the report, understanding the coding and being able to underwrite an applicant for tenancy was probably even more difficult for some. Throughout the years of changing regulations, we’ve been able to develop products and the skills to assist our clients make the best possible decision when screening for their available vacancies. With the organic growth of tenant screening, we’ve been able to add other services over the years to expand our offering of quality products (driving records, home values, etc.) backed by firsthand experience in the field.