All standard account holders have the option of trying to customize their very own rental application and lease agreement for free. If decide you want to purchase your sample form for unlimited use, we charge a minimal fee of less than $10 so each custom form can be downloaded as a pdf and printed repeatedly without additional cost. Options include adding your own name, logo and contact information right on top in addition to specifying particular sections and terms.

Unlimited Rental Forms

Every standard account comes with the option (within your control panel) to sign up and create your very own personalized rental agreements and applications. Don’t worry about making mistakes any longer, you can remake and reprint as many as you need for just one low monthly fee. Learn more.

Basic Disclosures

FCRA Summary of Rights
This form discloses the rights applicants has if their consumer credit file is to be used in the decision making process.

Lead Disclosure
HUD and EPA require the disclosure of known information on lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards before the sale or lease of most housing built before 1978.

Radon Guide for Tenants
This explains what radon is, how to find if there is a radon in the home and what can be done if there are high levels of radon are found in the home.

Legal Resources:

Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA)
Learn about the law under the Federal Trade Commission governing access to consumer credit reports and the data furnished by credit repositories.
A free landlord and tenant source of interactive forums, articles, laws and forms.

Housing Discrimination
The Department of Housing and Urban Development discusses the federal law that prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.