We pride ourselves in being available to help our customers when they need us.

If you are a landlord:

  • If you have a USER ID, please be prepared to provide it when you call.
  • If you misplaced your account information, we will most likely need some personal information and last four of your credit card billing information to search for your account and verify your identity.
  • If your tenant needs assistance, it’s best to have him or her call directly and be prepared to provide them your name as it appears on your account so we can assist them as quick as possible.

If you are a tenant:

  • If you have a question about your tenant screening or need assistance completing a recent request from your landlord, please ask your landlord for their name as it appears on his or her account.
  • If you need to dispute information on your credit report, please be prepared to verify your identity by providing proper photo identification and a utility bill (other alternatives may be available when you speak to a customer service representative.

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