rental forms

Every landlord now has the option of personalizing their very own tenant application and rental agreement right from their tenant screening control panel. The best part is that the service is unlimited for only $9.95 per month. So regardless how many mistakes you make or forms you create, you can do so without being charged every time.

Tenant Application

rental_applicationBuild a custom form to suit your needs. If you don’t bother checking personal, then don’t bother adding that section to your form. Pick and choose how you want to build your application based upon the sections you need. If you allow cosigners or guarantors, then add them. If you want to ask someone if they’ve ever had a criminal record, there’s an option to add  that too. It’s simple to use, even adding your own logo couldn’t get any easier – just upload an image from your computer.

Rental Agreement

Rental-AgreementBuilding a lease is just as easy, except there’s more data fields due to specifying various terms and conditions. You can specify which utilities the tenant may be responsible for. For example, if he has to pay the electric bill, but not the water bill, you are able to clarify those terms. If you’ve decided to allow pets, then you can specifically identify the breed and size of the animal to ensure you didn’t grant an open door policy allowing any animal to occupy the premises. All this and more can be specified including security deposit, rent due date, parking space, adult occupants, and so on.

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