AAC Tenant Screening for Individual Landlords

Do you operate out of your home and own just a few rental properties as an individual landlord?

  • Do you strive for peace of mind for your piece of property – hoping your tenant’s check arrives in time to help you cover your own expenses and mortgage payment?
  • Do you and your fellow tenants or rental property neighbors feel safe?
  • Have you been discouraged from trying to qualify as a professional property manager to get access to tenant credit reports and background checks because you don’t have an office? (See credit bureau requirements.)
  • Do you want to get access to the types of products that real estate professionals use to underwrite applicants and minimize risk?

All individual landlords operating rental property in the United States are eligible for our services.

What’s Included in a Standard Report?

AAC offers a standard report the assesses an applicant’s credit worthiness based upon official consumer data and then grades him or her for tenancy. We also offer these tenant screening tools:

  • Evictions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Criminal records (available for most jurisdictions)
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Database
  • Social Security Number Matching
  • OFAC/Patriot Act (Terrorist Watch List)
  • State and Federal Tax Liens
  • Civil Judgments (Awarded by a court of law)
  • Previous Address History
  • Reported Employment

Verify statements made on rental applications and during interviews to help determine truthfulness and character of a prospective tenant.

AAC Couldn’t be any Easier for You

Renters can be screened in minutes with:

  • No site inspection
  • No registration fees
  • Order as you need to screen
  • Unlimited rental forms option

You pay only for the reports you wish to order. Nothing more, nothing less.
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To learn more about the details of our service, visit tenant screening.