Idaho Tenant Screening

In Idaho, the Landlord Has to Inform Only the Tenant Regarding Repairs and Dangerous Conditions, not Their Guests

In 2014, the Idaho Court of Appeals found that “as between a tenant’s social guest and the landlord – the landlord owes a duty only to the extent that, if the landlord voluntarily undertakes repairs on the premises, the landlord must exercise reasonable care in performing such repairs.”

Where a tenant’s social guest (a licensee) does not predicate her claim on, or produce evidence of, the deficiency of any repair actually done by the landlord, the landlord owed no duty to her.

The landlord did not have a duty to warn a tenant’s social guest of dangerous conditions on the property. The landlord did have a duty to warn the tenant of the dangerous condition because the tenant is an invitee. “While the tenant may have had a duty to warn its social guest of the [dangerous condition], the landlord did not share in this duty.”

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